Air Namibia

by Charlie de Jong


Air Namibia is a national airline company, which has a single shareholder - the Government of Namibia.

The company specializes in passenger flights and cargo transportation within the country, as well as in large regions of South Africa, Angola, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Botswana.

Moreover, the company provides some flights across Europe via Frankfurt Airport.

The Air Namibia airline is a member of the International Air Transport Association and the African Airlines Association.

History of the company and board of directors

The company called South West Air Transport was established in 1946 and later has merged with the Oryx Aviation company retaining the name of the first one.

As the Namibia airlines embarked on providing transportation services in 1963, it was taken over by the South West Air Transport company three years later.

In 1978, after significant changes of authority inside of the company, South West Air Transport got merged with the international company Safmarine.

As a result, the Namibia Air airlines were created.

The company was owned by the South African government, thus in 1986, the airlines were in charge of all commercial flights.

However, the company only gained the status of a national carrier only in 1987.

In 1989, the Boeing 737-200 was leased, contributing to the jet transportation between Windhoek, Cape Town, and Johannesburg.

In 1991, the company was renamed to Air Namibia, introducing several European flights from Windhoek to Frankfurt and London.

All the losses the company has suffered during the development of the brand were covered by the government of Namibia by issuing subsidies in the amount of 3,7 million American dollars.

Despite the fact that the government lent a hand, the company had to be transferred to the ownership of the state corporation TransNamib.

The obvious interest in receiving the ownership of the airlines by Namibia could be explained by the future profit from the external cash flow obtained from tourists.

Besides, nowadays the process of export and import has become advanced and commercially successful.

Since the moment when Air Namibia airline become under the state ́s control, the profit of the company as well as of the country has significantly risen.

Hence, the company is ranked as the third-largest contributor to the GDP of the country.

Owning to the professionalism of the board of directors and the company ́s management, Air Namibia maintains a decent corporate structure, efficiency, and increase in shareholder value.

The board of directors includes the following government bodies starting from 2019 and for the next 3 years.

  1. Chairman, Mr. Escher Luanda, who received a degree in law, and a Master's degree in business leader’s area.
  2. The Board Member Mr. Willy Mertens, who has 10 years’ experience of being a member of the directors of various corporations. Despite his stable financial position, he keeps on gaining professional experience as well as studying at universities of Europe and Namibia.
  3. The Board Member Mrs. Heritha Nankole, who worked as a government official for 27 years and currently owns a consulting agency.
  4. The Board Member, Captain Alois Garai Nyandoro. He has worked for about 35 years in the aviation sector as a flight instructor and he personally headed the training department of the Namibian Air Force. The well-coordinated and efficient work of the professionals promoted Air Namibia on the global market.

Airline Navy

The key driver of safe and high-quality performance is a reliable aircraft. The aircraft of Air Namibia airlines besides meeting international safety standards and norms, are also convenient and up to date.

Aircraft of the company include:

  • 2 Airbus A330-200 aircraft. They are used to transport passengers within the country, between African states and Europe. The capacity of the plane is 244 seats.
  • 4 Airbus A319-100 aircraft. The capacity of this aircraft is 112 people. It serves to provide flights to Europe and between African countries.
  • 4 aircraft Embraer ERJ 135. Despite being capable of transporting only 37 passengers, current aircraft contain bathrooms, dining rooms, and more spacious luggage rooms.

A highly qualified crew provides outstanding service on board during the flight.

Air Namibia Routes and Schedules

Air Namibia is the country's premier airline and one of the leading international airline companies. Air Namibia offers flights between the largest cities in Africa, USA, South America from Windhoek:

  • Luanda;
  • Cape Town;
  • Harare;
  • Lagos Accra;
  • Lusaka;
  • Accra;
  • Durban.

The flights are available with a frequency of 4 times per week on each of the routes. Besides, the company provides a convenient time for connection with other flights as well as affordable prices.

The flights inside of the country are available more frequently, or to be more precise up to 15 times.

The following destinations are available by Air Namibia with the aircraft Embraer ERJ135:

  • Katima-Mulilo;
  • Walvis Bay;
  • Rundu;
  • Ondangwa;
  • Lüderitz.

In addition, there are 7 flights per week to Frankfurt and back to Windhoek.

The guide on how to book and buy flight tickets on the website

By reaching the official website of Air Namibia customers are able to book tickets using a smartphone, tablet, or computer directly from home.

To book the tickets online go to the website and choose the "Air Namibia Book Now Window" section.

After, select the flight number and the departure date. Two options of purchase are possible: whether you pay for the tickets immediately online, or postpone the purchase.

While completing the online registration, press the "Check-in" field, and fill out the registration form.

For the identification step, you can use the number of the electronic ticket or the number of the card that you used for the payment.

Finally, print out your boarding pass. With the printed ticket you are ready to set off.

If you are a sustainable person, you do not need to waste a piece of paper, by printing your ticket.

You can use an electronic ticket instead. After booking a seat, you will soon receive a ticket with a QR code in your personal account.

During the boarding process show your online ticket on the mobile phone and you are ready to board.


The price of the flight may vary, depending on the selected fare, which foresees the certain level of the services provided during the flight.

Air Namibia offers the customers 4 different fares, from Economy (Namib-Saver) to Business Class plan.

To find more detailed information regarding the fares please visit the Air Namibia official website.

REWARD$ program

Reward$ is a loyalty program for regular customers, which collects the points (miles) whenever the customer is flying with Air Namibia.

How does the program work?

In order to proceed with the registration, a participant has to be over 18 years old. In other cases, the underage may apply for miles with parental or guardian consent.

To become a member of the program, register online on the official website of the airlines.

Make at least one flight, and then activate the virtual loyalty program card in 21 days.

Advantages of the program

Each next flight level up your loyalty stage. From the first one Silver to the Gold, and eventually to the top-level - Platinum.

When reaching the Gold and Platinum levels you will automatically receive 2500 points as a gift.

For an extra activity such as booking the flights, or paying online while being on the second level, you will be rewarded with 7% more miles, and on the third - 20%.

Collect miles

Each time you book a trip with Air Namibia, you will receive from 500 to 800 miles to your personal Reward$ program account.

The higher the price of the ticket and the selected class of service are, the more mile points you receive for your purchase.

Spend miles

The mile points available on your account may be used to pay off the full price of the ticket, or partially as well as to provide a discount on such additional services as luggage, and to upgrade the travel fare.

By traveling frequently with the Air Namibia airlines, and being a member of the Reward$ program it is quite possible to travel in business class for the price of economy one.

Corporate Client Awards

Companies that travel by Air Namibia airlines, and being members of the loyalty program, will receive remuneration for each employee.

In this case, the corporate account administrator is responsible for the application and accumulation of mile points.

Travel securities and luggage information

Depending on the travel fare and the passenger’s age, the cost of the luggage may vary.

Checked baggage allowance guide

A passenger is allowed to take a piece of luggage up to 23 kg without any additional charges on the domestic flights, and 32 kg for business class.

During international flights, a luggage piece of up to 46 kg is permitted per passenger for economy class, whether in business class it is up to 64 kg of total weight.

Carry-on luggage

If the cabin luggage does not correspond to the size and weight standards, the company may refuse its transportation.

For passengers who are traveling in economy and business classes, the permission weight is up to 10 kg, and the dimensions are 56x36x23 cm.

Sports equipment

Regarding the sports equipment, its size should not exceed the size and weight of your carry-on baggage, otherwise, you will be extra charged for it.

If you do need to transport large size sports equipment, you will have to pay extra as well as complete the procedure of check-in of the baggage.

Pet transportation rules

While taking a pet on the board, it has to be transported in special portable animal containers.

A passenger has to pay extra cost for each of the pets taken with them, according to the airline rates.

The only exception when the pets are allowed in the cabin applied only for the guide dogs accompanying passengers with disabilities.

Transportation of the fragile and perishable food

Air Namibia is not responsible for the safety of goods with the limited expiration date as well as high-value products.

The following list includes examples of such products:

  • Antiques and collectibles;
  • business equipment and its samples;
  • products made out of porcelain, glass, and plastic;
  • software products;
  • money and gift certificates;
  • cosmetics and perfumes;
  • any type of alcohol;
  • musical instruments;
  • medicines.

To find more detailed information refer to the official website in the "Fragile & Perishable Items" section.

Safety and security of Air Namibia

With the purposes of safety and security as well as the guarantee of pleasant travel experience, the company implies the following set of safety rules for the passengers.

  1. All the transported containers with any liquids have to be placed in a transparent reusable bag.
    The maximum volume of each container should not exceed the volume of 100 ml. Medicines and baby food are exceptions.
  2. Products purchased in duty-free stores, have to be packed in sealed bags by the merchant.
  3.  It is advisable to arrive at the airport 2 or 3 hours before the departure of the flight.
    The check-in procedure and passing the check-points have to be done 2 hours before the departure.
  4. A passenger may be asked a couple of obligatory questions regarding the luggage.
    In other words, for the security of the airport, it is crucial to know the information whether the luggage was packed by its owner and if the luggage does not contain any prohibited or dangerous items.
    Besides, each bag has to attach the label with the flight number, ticket number, and passenger ́s name on it.
  5. If a carry-on bag does not fit with the dimensions of the required carry-on standards, the passenger will need to check in the current piece of luggage.
  6. The passengers of Air Namibia have nothing to worry about, thanks to the online tracking system. Moreover, the airlines are taking responsibility for the safety of baggage, except for the category "Fragile and perishable items".
    Air Namibia is in charge of delivering the luggage to the passenger ́s address, in case the luggage is being delayed.


To find out the information considering the provided services and the detailed information about your trip with Air Namibia, contact a company by e-mail or phone.

Taking into account the location of the office quarters, the information provided may differ.

The contact information such as phone number, address and e-mail address of the branches can be found on the official website of the company.

Contacts of the call center of the head office of Air Namibia:

Call center lines are open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. from Monday to Friday. On Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. the company does not complete the processing of applications.

During weekends, and holidays the call center lines are open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.