Bright Bmbr by Rochambeau


Bright Bmbr is a limited edition of fashionable smart jackets with digital interface from New York brand Rochambeau, developed in October 2016. The collection was presented November 1-2, 2016 at Decoded Fashion NYC. Autumn and winter jackets went on sale in December 2016.

"Smart jackets are designed on Avery Dennison Janela™ and IoT (Internet of Smart Things) platforms from EVRYTHNG. The design of the branded outerwear is simple - a light bomb with colorful inserts. The main highlight - the filling of the jacket, and it is not a synthetic or other woven material.

In each jacket, in the left sleeve, are sewn smart tags (non-standard NFC chip and QR-code). Buyers connected smartphones to such outerwear and were able to use the services of various establishments in New York.


It is enough to activate the smart tag and walk 500 meters from a fashion boutique, mall or restaurant for the system to work. The jacket acted as a pass to VIP events in the city. Rochambeau chose the event itself: dinner for two at an expensive restaurant, an invitation to the New Release exhibition or access to most nightclubs.

Shoppers would walk past one of the three branches of The New Stand and receive exclusive gifts. At the end of the winter season, in 2017, the jacket gave the right to visit New York Fashion Week.

Many entrepreneurs liked the idea, and most importantly, customers. It was decided to continue producing smart jackets and other items of clothing. To promote and sell the official website The cost of jackets here is more than 600 dollars, in specialized stores 20-30% higher.

How it works

Smarter apparel products can now be #BornDigital: manufactured with serialized smart labels and tags and added software capabilities that make them more intelligent, more interactive, and more valuable to companies and their customers.


#BornDigital products come with software identities on the Web, which use IoT data to drive personalized mobile experiences and services for consumers and unique product insights for brands.

Use your smartphone to connect with smart NFC and QR tags hidden in the left sleeve, giving you exclusive access to the dining, art, clubbing, retail and fashion experiences that come with Rochambeau smart jackets.


Rochambeau began in 2011 when longtime friends Laurence Chandler and Joshua Cooper saw an opportunity to merge their shared passions of art and design to fill a void in the menswear market. Recently named a CFDA / Vogue Fund Finalist and winning the 2016 US menswear Woolmark award, Rochambeau is a brand rooted in the grit and mystery of New York City.


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