Neosurf Vouchers in Canada

Neosurf Vouchers in Canada

Neosurf is a payment system that serves over 350,000 customers all over the world. Canada is among the countries where this payment method is accepted. Read this review to find out detailed info on this payment option.

Neosurf in Canada - How It Works

It is very easy to use Neosurf in Canada and any other country. You will only need to do the following:

  • Register your account;
  • Verity your details;
  • Replenish your account using a Neosurf voucher;
  • Send money to other users or make payments on various websites;
  • Withdraw your funds from ATMs or via bank transfer.

Also, you can simply purchase a Neosurf coupon and enter its 10-digit code on the payment page of the merchant.

Pros and Cons of Using the Neosurf Prepaid Cards

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of using Neosurf prepaid cards:


  • Tough security;
  • The simplicity of use;
  • Instant transactions;
  • Lots of places where you can purchase vouchers.


  • This payment option is available only in 13 countries;
  • It may not be used as a withdrawal option on third-party websites, such as online casinos.

Registering an Account

While it is possible to make payments using a Neosurf Voucher, you can also register your account to get access to more benefits. This will only take you a few minutes.

My Neosurf

Click on the Open Account or Sign up button to open the online registration form:

myNeosurf online registration form

myNeosurf online registration form

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  1. Enter your e-mail address. It is better to choose an e-mail with a .com domain name.
  2. Set and confirm your password.
  3. Enter the verification code.
  4. Click the "Next" button.

Personalization data

myNeosurf personalization data form

myNeosurf personalization data form

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Fill in your personal data:

  1. First name;
  2. Last name;
  3. Date of birth;
  4. Click the "Send" button.

Anonymity and Security

Now you can make payments using your username and password only. This allows making payments anonymously on third-parties websites without having to provide any personal or financial information, such as credit card details.

What opportunities does Neosurf provide

What opportunities does Neosurf provide

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What is Neosurf Voucher

Neosurf vouchers contain a 10-digit secure code. It is concealed on the back of the card so that no one could see it until it is revealed. They can be used to top up your Neosurf account or pay directly on the websites of online merchants. You should never reveal such a code to other people because they can use it for payments instead of you.

Where Can I Buy Vouchers

There are thousands of locations where customers can purchase Neosurf vouchers. They include gas stations, stores, supermarkets, kiosks, internet cafes, and more. On the website of Neosurf, you can search for places where you can purchase such a voucher, depending on your location. Also, it is possible to purchase it online right from your account.

Neosurf vouchers

Neosurf vouchers

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Credit Voucher

You can purchase credit vouchers for various services, such as Skype and some mobile operators using Neosurf.

Validity Period

Neosurf vouchers do not have any expiration date. However, they are expected to be used quickly. If you do not use your voucher within six months, you will have to pay a €2 fee for inactivity. Also, you will have to pay it if you have not used the entire amount of the voucher within one year. This fee will be deducted from your balance on a monthly basis.

How to Pay in with Neosurf code

How to Pay in with Neosurf

How to Pay in with Neosurf

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Please, check out the detailed instructions on how you can use Neosurf code for payments.

How to Receive It

You can purchase Neosurf vouchers at the nearest location to you and online. Find the location on the official website of the payment option. You can either use the voucher code to pay online or attach the voucher to your Neosurf account and pay using your username and password. In order to see the code, you only need to scratch the back of your card.

Free Neosurf Code

Some websites on the Internet offer to get free codes. Please note that there are no free Neosurf codes that you can generate using special software. The only right way to get a voucher is to purchase it from official outlets. Their list is available on the official website of the payment option.

Customer Service

There is the Help section available on the website. You can open it to find lots of useful information on various matters. If you want to reach live assistants, you can use a live chat option available on the website at the bottom-left corner.

How to Recharge Neosurf Online

There is a range of options that you can use to recharge a Neosurf account. They include the following:

  • Credit card;
  • Bank Transfer (SEPA);
  • Neosurf Voucher.

How to Check Neosurf Balance

If you want to check the balance of your account, you will need to log in to your account. To check a voucher's balance, you will need to do the following:

  • Go to the Neosurf website;
  • Navigate to the "Check the voucher credit" section;
  • Enter Neosurf PIN.
"Check the voucher credit" section on the Neosurf website

"Check the voucher credit" section on the Neosurf website

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You can also check the history of transactions in your account.

Types of Cards Available

There are different types of Neosurf cards that you can choose from. Find out which one is the best.


This is a standard card that can be purchased from land-based resellers or bought online. You can activate the card with €15, €30, €50, or €100.


This card is suitable for those who need €10 or €20.

Neocash MasterCard

There are two types of MasterCard that you can order from Neosurf. They include plastic and virtual cards. The first type allows withdrawing cash from ATMs.

How To Use Neosurf

You will be able to use this payment option in a variety of ways:

Contact or Visit a Trusted NS Online Reseller

There is a range of trusted online merchants and land-based outlets, from which you can purchase the card.

Purchase a Neosurf Voucher

Neosurf vouchers are available in different denominations, so choose which one you need.

Use Neosurf to Pay Safely Online

When making purchases on the Internet, you need to choose Neosurf from the available payment options. Then you need to enter the PIN of your Neosurf ticket to make a purchase.

Charges and Fees

Neosurf charges and fees

Neosurf charges and fees

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The following are the charges and fees that you will need to pay when using this payment option:

Where to Pay with Neosurf in Canada

Find out where you can use the Neosurf Canada payment option:

  • Online payments. You can make payments on various websites. Simply choose this payment option from the list of the banking methods offered by the merchant;
  • International transactions. You can make transactions to various countries where this payment method is available;
  • Online betting and gambling. There is a range of bookmakers and online casinos that allow making deposits using Neosurf;
  • ATM withdrawals. Order Neosurf plastic MasterCard, and you will be able to withdraw your funds from any ATM.
Where to Pay with Neosurf

Where to Pay with Neosurf

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Merchants that Accept Neosurf

There is a wide range of merchants that allow making payments using Neosurf. They include the following:

  • Everest Poker;
  • Netbet;
  • Turbopoker;
  • PMU;
  • Baraka;
  • Poste Cash;
  • Voice Trading;
  • Pactole;
  • Others.

Neosurf Card - Mobile App

You can use your mobile device to enter the website of the gambling venue. However, it is also possible to download its application if you have a device powered by iOS. Just enter the App Store, find the application by its name, and download it to your device.

Comparison with other payment options

Many other payment options can be used for making money transfers and purchases on the Internet. Check out the comparison between Neosurf and other banking methods.


Skrill is a convenient payment option available for sending and receiving money transfers as well as making payments on merchants' websites in a convenient way.


Muchbetter is a payment application that you can download to your device to make payments and transactions.


Neteller is an e-money transfer service that allows making payments on the websites of merchants, such as FX trading companies, casinos, and others.


Paysafecard is a payment option that also works on a prepaid basis. Customers can purchase vouchers and use them for topping up their accounts or making payments.


This payment system allows receiving and sending money worldwide. You will need to register the EcoPayz account first.


What is Neosurf?

It is a prepaid payment system that allows making payments on various websites as well as sending and receiving money.

Where to buy Neosurf Voucher in Canada?

On the official website of the payment system, you can find the nearest location where you can purchase a voucher. Simply choose your country from the drop-down list of the search box, enter your postcode, and you will see the list of options.

Where to buy Neosurf online?

You can register your account and simply purchase vouchers online. It is very convenient since you do not need to go anywhere and you can use a variety of payment options to make such a purchase.

How can I check my Neosurf balance?

In the Check Voucher Credit section, you can enter the PIN of your voucher and see how much money is left. Also, you can log in to your account and check the transaction history.

What is a Neosurf Voucher?

It is a card that contains a secret code consisting of 10 digits. They come in different denominations from $10 to $1,000. In order to make a payment, you just need to enter such a code on the payment page.