Kopernik NGO


Kopernik is an international non-profit organization, which is striving to improve the quality of living of citizens in Africa who are in need.

Members of the organization are open-minded people who are aimed at organizing and managing educational events for people, solving the main social issues as well as seeking for potential sponsors for future development programs.

About Kopernik

The Kopernik organization was founded in 2010 with the establishment of the headquartered in Ubud, Indonesia.

The founders of the organization Toshi Nakamura and Ewa Wojkowska are the former workers of the United Nations.

They were working on the research of the large study about the life of tribes existing far from civilization.

While traveling to the locations with poor levels of life such as Thailand, Timor-Leste, Indonesia, Sierra Leone, the researchers have noticed that mostly the poverty is caused by the lack of technical knowledge as well as deficiency of conditions to satisfy the basic human needs.

The organization is a namesake of well-known Renaissance scholar Nicolaus Copernicus.

The name of the organization represents the purpose of Copernicus`s studies considering the scientific and technological progress, as since his discoveries the big revolution has started.

Following the example of Copernicus, Nakamura and Wojkowska embark on their journey of contributing to the development of technical and scientific progress in Africa.

The main ideas and suggestions regarding the development of African countries are available on the official organization`s website.

The projects, which non-profit organizations are willing to implement provide a clear vision of the output as well as the methods of realization.

Generally, the companies aim at the following vital implementations:

  • purification of drinking water;
  • solar panels;
  • biofuels;
  • drip irrigation systems for soil;
  • developing the technology for long-term storage of fish and other animal products;
  • purification filters for water;
  • personal hygiene products such as reusable pads for women.

Every volunteer interested in investing in a charity project can donate.

Since 2017, Kopernik organization has been providing support in emergencies in supplying the affected zones with food kits, respiratory masks, ventilation units for rooms.

The help was provided to the locals suffered by the earthquakes in Lombok, Central Sulawesi, the tsunami in the Sunda Strait, and the eruption of the Agung volcano.

The mission and values of the organization

The main objective of the Kopernik organization is to eliminate or substantially reduce the poverty level of the Last Mile countries.

Kopernik organization is based on the following principal values on the way of achieving its goal:

  • professionalism;
  • experimentation;
  • teamwork;
  • cost, time, and resources efficiency.

The organization is looking for experienced workers in various fields of production and science.

Kopernik is seeking young educated individuals who are open-minded and easy to come up with interesting ideas without any fear of bringing them to life.

The policy of Kopernik organization does not accept any kind of half-measures and bureaucratic delays concerning essential items like drinking water and food for people from the poorest regions.

Principles of the organization

Kopernik conducts a monitoring process regarding the key problems of African communities and searches for the investors to support the project.


Along with the support of the other advanced companies, the organization constantly finding innovative ways to solve the crucial problems connected with the improvement of the population`s level of life as well as take into account performing analyzation and test steps.

Data collection and analytics

The development of technologies focused on the overall progress in poor countries is being supervised by highly qualified specialists.

The significant indicators are taken into accounts such as the statistics on the previous project`s outcome and the assessment of the programs carried out by other international organizations.

While introducing technological innovation, Kopernik organization considers the stability of the Indonesian and South-East Asian markets.

Technological diffusion

Currently, the main fields of developing new ideas and activities could be divided into 6 following areas:

  1. Agriculture and fishing;
  2. Water supply, water treatment;
  3. Energy and environment;
  4. Health care;
  5. Education;
  6. Development of economic rights and opportunities for women.

Kopernik organization has implemented around 182195 technology projects in 25 countries.

Approximately 611 429 people from poor countries valued the programs and took part in their development and distribution.

Brief description of the Kopernik team

To achieve a successful result in the realized projects, the Kopernik team has to concentrate on good teamwork and responsibility.

A team of Kopernik includes 58 people, which helps the organization achieve its goal day by day.

Due to the transparent and definite structure of the organization, each employee is assigned for performing certain duties, although while facing a complicated situation they solve it together with the team.

Toshi Nakamura

Toshi Nakamura is the CEO of the organization.

The interest in the marginalized society has arisen since he worked at the UN.

While working towards the target he becomes successful in emergency response in Africa, the USA, Indonesia, and Switzerland.

Many years of experience in data analytics, management, disaster prevention, and disaster management enhance growing an outstanding leader.

Ewa Wojkowska

Ewa Wojkowska is the co-founder and COO of Kopernik.

She was responsible for the empowerment of the last mile while working at the UN, where she also fought for justice.

Many years of experience and a Master's degree in interstate politics contributed to Ewa´s abilities in rapidly find solutions to arising problems, search for investors, and lead an organization.

Abigail Schwartz

Abigail Schwartz is Deputy Director of the Burmese Southeast Asia Initiative at the Open Society Institute (OSI).

She concluded her Master's degree in the history and development of Southeast Asia and a Doctor of Laws.

The organization is divided into 4 groups listed below.

  1. Kopernik Solutions, which is registered in New York. The principal responsibilities undertake to ensure the efficient activity of all divisions and generating funds and resources. The major projects of Kopernik Solutions are focused on locations outside Indonesia.
  2. Another group of the Kopernik organization is Indonesian Foundation, which is called Yayasan Kopernik. This group is in charge of experimental design, presentation of poverty reduction programs, and engaging the investors.
  3. PT Kopernik is a company based in Indonesia, which provides consulting services to firms ready to provide projects of technological devices regarding the state of the market.
  4. Kopernik Japan is the Incorporated Association, which specialized in charitable funds collection as well as the development and stability of the partnerships with Japanese companies.

All the financial allocation from individual investors, state and non-state institutions are the key factor in determining the budget of the Kopernik organization and its groups.

Projects of Kopernik

During its activity in 2020, Kopernik organization has acquired dozens of partner companies and helped many communities and countries in the last mile.

Although, despite all the achievements the company keeps on developing the solutions to the arisen problems.

COVID-19 Emergency Response

SIAP SIAGA and Kopernik cooperation led to the realization of the latest project called “COVID-19 Emergency Response”, which mission is to ensure the safety and health conditions for doctors, who combat the pandemic in East Nusa Tenggara and Bali.

The organization supplied personal protective equipment for doctors and patients, and food kits for people who become unemployed.

Supporting Women Empowerment Organizations through Sustainability Plans

Supporting women's empowerment organizations through sustainable development projects is a multiyear program of Kopernik organization, which is based upon the equal gender rights in Indonesia.

The organization holds frequent seminars and conferences to promote women´s rights.

The forums also discuss the solutions for the issue connected with the lack of money.

In regards to the successful work of professionals, lots of advanced technologies and solutions to combat poverty such as solar panels, and biofuels were introduced to women.

Besides mastering the technological innovations to facilitate the life of housewives, they even began to sell products to other wealthier countries.

Improving Cacao Farming and Unleashing Sago Potential in Papua

This project is focused on the improvement of conditions in cacao farming.

Even though fruits of the sago palm and the chocolate tree have a high demand on the world market, farmers are lacking resources to be paid enough for their work.

Due to the deficiency of proper equipment of the small-scale farmers, low-quality cocoa beans and sago fruits enter the food market.

Besides, the farmers often face the problems of drought or pests, which they are not capable of solving on their own.

The solution offered by Kopernik foresees the following steps:

  1. The organization engaged the farmers into agricultural training by providing theoretical knowledge on agricultural practices.
  2. Further, the experienced farmers received guidance on how to supervise and give training to the new wave of freshman farmers.
  3. The farmers were equipped with the advanced sun dryers, which work with solar batteries, and fermentation containers to improve the conditions of storing raw materials.

Since 2018, Kopernik organization has been working on the project to reach its ambitious goal in making this world a better place for the last miles.


Due to the cooperation with more than 50 companies, the organization receives assistance in the supply of products or technologies that may benefit the development of those who are in need.

The following list includes the companies, which cooperated with the Kopernik:

  • 1000 Days Fund;
  • ZM;
  • Ahimsa Brands;
  • ACAHD;
  • Advance;
  • Akarumput;
  • Ahmad Tanzi.

A complete list of Kopernik partner companies can be found on the official website.

Charity: Every donation matters

Every volunteer can contribute to the improvement of the last miles by donating on the official website of the company.

Registration is required before proceeding with the donation.

The website offers you a form, where you can choose the amount of the contribution (at least $ 5 USD), and indicate the charity program.

Besides, the website users have an opportunity to learn about future projects, which can be supported right away.

The website enables the option of completing the payments with a certain frequency, for instance monthly.

The payments can be settled using online banking, bank transfer, or via a PayPal wallet.


The staff of the Kopernik organization can be reached by mail.

Indonesia office address: Jalan Raya Mas, Mas, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571.

Telephone number: +62 361 9082486.

The address of the office in the USA is 228 Park Avenue Suite # 73293 New York, NY 10003.

And the phone number: +1347-587-8687.

Any questions or doubts can be clarified by reaching the official website of the organization through the link

The special contact form, which requires an email address, name, and the question, will help the manager to answer in 3 business days.

To get an immediate response, contact the Kopernik by sending an email to

Moreover, Kopernik organization is available on social networks.