Venus Point in Canada


When it comes to paying for gambling or services, one has to pay online as well. That's where Venus Point Payments can come in handy.

What is a Venus Point eWallet

Venus Point is an international banking service that mostly deals with the gambling industry. Players can use the electronic wallet to add/withdraw money at numerous online casinos. It's equally convenient to transfer money to another account or credit card.

Using Venus Point in Canada

If you plan to use such eWallets, you should learn more about deposits and withdrawals first.


The process is both quick and convenient. Users must log in, choose the amount they wish to deposit and the recipient. However, it's important to finalize the action after learning about currency and transaction fees because the service is irreversible.


Withdrawals are equally easy and have the same procedure. Users add the needed information like the sum, recipient, etc. After they verify the action, finds will be transferred as soon as possible. Then site members can send them to another account.

Online Payments

Online payments are straightforward. Users may use the simplified services to handle cash and cryptocurrencies.

How to Open a Venus Point Account in Canada

As soon as you decide to sign up and create your account at Venus Point, you should complete the following steps:

  1. Click on the New Registration button;
  2. Add your email and receive a letter with the registration link;
  3. Follow the link and fill out the application form;
  4. Complete the identification and receive the Completion email.

Once you receive the letter that finalizes the registration process, you can use the company's services.

Fees and charges


Transaction time




Minimum Deposit


Maximum Deposit



Transacted Sum

Commission Fee



All transactions bring rewards - points.

Pros of Venus Point

The company is constantly improving the services and offering the best features and security measures to every client. That's why so many people remain loyal to this service. People often choose to sign up with Venus Point Canada because the company offers great security, convenient funds storage, easy navigation, and affordable fees.


To keep up with the rivals, the company matches all industry standards. Using Venus Point means using safe payment gateways and reliable encryption that prevents personal information loss.

Funds storage

Users who store money on such accounts keep their money on pooled accounts spread across numerous bank accounts. It delivers the latest security technologies and sustainability.

Ease of access

The website has a user-friendly interface that allows simple registration and convenient payments. One can get any service within several clicks.

Fee policy

According to the Terms of Use, users pay a $1.80 commission fee for every $900 transacted. Being so affordable makes it very appealing and convenient.

Сons of Venus Point

On the other hand, there are still several things Venus Point should improve. For instance, it's impossible to find precise timeframes for payments and regions where the services are available.

Long time frame

Most reviews verify that payments are fast. However, the website doesn't determine the processing timeframe. That's because some payments take more time to process.

Specific regional coverage

The website is also vague about the regions it covers. Many first-time visitors fail to find the regional coverage information, so they leave.

Alternatives to Venus Point in Canada

Some people prefer to learn about all alternatives and compare them before making any decisions. Check out the comparison of Venus Point Canada with other payment systems below.

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What is a Venus Point?

Venus Point is an electronic platform that allows payments (both deposits and withdrawals) to and from third parties.

How to Open a Venus Point Account in Canada?

The registration process is straightforward. A user must use an email to get the registration URL and fill out the received form with some personal information.

Is Venus Point legit and safe to use?

Yes. It is a popular, trustworthy instant payment method used all over the world.

How long does it take to deposit with Venus Point?

The company offers instant deposits. In most cases, the money is processed within seconds.  

Can I withdraw or receive payments with Venus Point?

The payment system allows both deposits and withdrawals. However, previous transactions must be cleared for the system to approve new transfers.