Overview of JCB Payments in Canada


The company has strategic alliances with American Express merchants in Canada, meaning that everywhere where users can pay with American Express, they may use a JCB card in Canada, too.

What is a JCB credit card

A JCB credit card is accepted in over 190 countries. It has 80+ million users worldwide. The card can be conveniently used online the same way as popular cards like Visa or MasterCard.

Despite being widely popular in Asia, users can cover expenses in Canada, too. Moreover, the card supports one-click payments.

It delivers the best shopping experience, no matter which device you use to shop.

Japanese Credit Bureau official website

Japanese Credit Bureau official website


Users also benefit from a high ATV.

Japanese Credit Bureau (JCB) in Canada




3D security protocols and PCI SSD

Transaction time


Min. Transaction


Deposit Fee


Withdrawal Fee

May be applicable

The benefit of using a JCB card is that it can be used worldwide. JCB merchant fees are usually charged as a per-transaction commission.

However, using a JCB card in Canada brings lots of perks. When you check out the official website, you can see the list of stores and restaurants that offer discounts and special offers in the region.

JCB Payment Provider - How It Works

Since 2017, Canadian merchants who accept American Express can also accept JCB cards. JCB transactions process at the same rates as American Express cards.

In fact, using the card is easy because card owners can do all the things they do with other cards: pay for goods and services using IC or contactless, verify online purchases, etc.

Processing fees

When users use the JCB payment method, they pay different fees. For instance, the main processing fees include:

  • Incoming Interchange Processing Fee - 0.18% of transaction value;
  • Outgoing Interchange Processing Fee - 0.18% of transaction value;
  • Authorization Processing Fee - USD 0,025 per Authorization request (or its equivalent);
  • Chargeback Processing Fees - USD 250 per Request (or its equivalent);
  • Chargeback Fee - USD 2.00 per transaction (or its equivalent).

Account replenishment

Interchange fees for funds transfer from card to card




Funds transfer from JCB card (debit part of transaction)

Issuer-sender pays to Acquirer daily

1.00% + USD 0.10

Funds transfer to JCB card (credit part of transaction)

Acquirer pays to Issuer-receiver daily

0.40% + USD 0.05

Withdrawal Fees

When withdrawing cash in ATM or using other facilities, users will also have to pay some fees. A lot depends on the region, so check out beforehand.

ATM Interchange Processing Fee is USD 0,10 per transaction (or its equivalent).


Japanese Credit Bureau issues various types of cards for individuals, merchants, companies, and corporations.

That's why the limits differ based on the type of the cards and other factors.

JCB premium card holders get higher limits in addition to additional services.

Exchange rates

The company offers decent rates. To learn more, one should contact the managers because they differ based on the type of the card and the country it was issued in.

Transfer times

What is JCB payment? It's a quick way to send money. The bank uses the latest security methods to speed up the identification and transfers.

Users can make real-time payments and immediately see them in their accounts.

Types of cards available in Canada

Millions of people use JCB cards worldwide. The company realizes the need for prepayment, real-time payment, and post-payment.

That's why it offers a selection of cards as well as gift certificates and novelties.

People who have cards from the Japanese Credit Bureau may use the following types of cards in Canada:

  1. Credit cards;
  2. Debit cards;
  3. Prepaid cards;
  4. Other cards.

Let's take a closer look at them.

Card type



Credit card

JBC offers a range of credit cards for customers who prefer exclusive services. The lineup includes Premium, Affinity, and Corporate cards. Each of them meets specific needs.

  • JCB The Class
  • JCB Gold The Premier
  • JCB Gold
  • JCB Gold Fujisan Card
  • JCB Standard
  • JCB Platinum Corporate Card
  • Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.
  • Delta Air Lines, Inc.
  • United Airlines, Inc.
  • Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
  • APLUS Co., Ltd.
  • Credit Saison Co., Ltd., etc.

Debit card

Using debit cards, users can easily withdraw money directly to the savings account. They can be used by JCB merchants worldwide as a JCB payment method.

  • AEON Bank, Ltd.
  • The Akita Bank, Ltd.
  • au Jibun Bank Corporation
  • The Awa Bank, Ltd.
  • The Chiba Bank, Ltd.
  • The Chugoku Bank, Ltd.
  • The Higo Bank, Ltd.
  • The Hiroshima Bank, Ltd.
  • The Hokuriku Bank, Ltd.
  • The Juroku Bank, Ltd.
  • The Kagoshima Bank, Ltd.
  • The Kiyo Bank, Ltd.
  • The Kumamoto Bank, Ltd.
  • The Bank of Kyoto, Ltd.
  • Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
  • MUFG Bank, Ltd.
  • The Bank of Nagoya, Ltd.
  • North Pacific Bank, Ltd.
  • The Bank of Okinawa, Ltd.
  • Rakuten Bank, Ltd.
  • The Senshu Ikeda Bank, Ltd.
  • Seven Bank, Ltd.
  • The Toho Bank, Ltd.
  • The Yamaguchi Bank, Ltd.
  • Momiji Bank, Ltd.
  • The Kitakyushu Bank, Ltd.
  • The 77 Bank, Ltd.
  • Prime Bank
  • The Bank of Khyber
  • Sviaz Bank
  • Hua Nan
  • Commercial Bank Ltd.
  • Vietnam Export Import
  • Commercial Joint Stock Bank

Prepaid card

A prepaid JCB card is a great way to control your expenses. Users can add a certain sum of money on the balance and spend on anything they need. They are also suitable for JBC merchants.

  • Rakuten Bank, Ltd.
  • Omnipay Inc.;
  • Asia Commercial Bank.

Other cards

Users can get one-time use cards, E-wallet, gift cards, and others.

  • QUICPay;
  • ETC card;
  • Loan card;
  • JCB PREMO card;
  • JCB-QUO card.

JCB prepaid card in Canada - How to Use It

Using prepaid cards is very convenient. They work like any other cards. However, in this case, a user adds a certain sum to the card balance and can use only it.

Aside from that, they will work in all stores and facilities that accept American Express.

Besides, JCB has been promoting QUICPay for the Japanese market, JCB Contactless for overseas markets in order to enhance convenience for our customers.

Canada users can benefit from the latter. The commission is the same.

To view all transactions online, a user must have a JCB card login and password. The account will reflect all transactions like online payments, withdrawals, and send/request payments features.

Basic bank account operations

When people ask, "What is a JCB credit card?" they mainly want to know what a card can do.

Like basic account operations. So, this card allows to pay for goods, services, bills. Users can send money to others and perform other traditional payments.

Online payments

When paying for things online, one must add the card number, cardholder's name, CVV, and card expiration date.

The process is the same as for popular solutions like Visa or MasterCard. As soon as the money is transferred, users receive a payment confirmation.


Users can use ATMs around the world to withdraw cash anytime.

One only needs a card and a PIN. In Canada, card holders have two options: either look for ATM locations that accept JCB cards or withdraw via a major partner financial institution.

Send/Request payments

When using the card's online account/e-wallet, users can send and request payments from others.

Consult the managers before making such JCB payment for the first time.

JCB Card Acceptance in Canada

People who travel worldwide or own a card from this bank can use it to cover expenses in Canada because the bank works with many payment service providers, including QuickPay, Paycomet, SecurionPay, 4Cash, PayU, QPay Europe, etc.

It also has strategic alliances with Discover Network, UnionPay, American Express, and RuPay merchants.

Partnership with American Express

JCB credit cards can be widely used due to the company's cooperation with Discover and American Express.

Nowadays, Canadian customers can select JCB as an online payment option in all online stores and websites that accept American Express.

JCB credit card for Business

Using JCB is also convenient when you are a merchant. Many sellers choose to work with this company for their eCommerce businesses.

It's incredibly convenient if you plan to extend your influence on the Asian market.

Many companies choose JCB because they provide secure services and allow easy money distribution among the employees' JCB payment card accounts.

In 2019, JCB introduced web JCB payment API for merchant acquiring.

This expanded payment acceptable worldwide and brought numerous benefits to merchants.

What are advantages of using a JCB payment card

Choosing this card has its benefits. The main ones include:

  1. Users receive notice on card handling;
  2. ATM withdrawal worldwide is available;
  3. IC Card improves security and functionality;
  4. J-Secure is a user identification and authentication service for all JCB card holders.

JCB Platinum CardMembers - Benefits and Perks

JCB Platinum cardmembers have access to international airport lounges, exclusive hotels, restaurants, golf facilities, and car rental services.

Let's take a closer look:

  • JCB Platinum Concierge Desk. Operators who speak English, Chinese, and other languages are available 24/7 all year round;
  • Special restaurant services allow members to make reservations at Japan's most famous restaurants. Besides, one person can eat for free when booking the party for two or more;
  • All Platinum members can use well-known golf courses at discount prices;
  • Car rental services allow Platinum JCB members to use privileges when renting via Hertz Rent-a-Car in 60+ countries;
  • JCB Platinum airport lounge service provides access to comfortable lounges mainly in Asia.

Online Stores that accept JCB in Canada in 2021

Canadians can pay with a JCB card in the following stores:

  • BestBuy;
  • SmartBuyGlasses;
  • Avis Car Rental;
  • Melijoe;
  • GAP;
  • Marks and Spencer;
  • Scandinavian Design Center, etc.

The company has also partnered with Discover and American Express to allow users pay with their JCB card Canada wherever those payment methods work.

Comparison with other payment systems in Canada

To get a better understanding of what is a JCB card, let's compare it with popular alternatives. It'll give you a glimpse into their common characteristics and differences.

  • JCB vs MasterCard
  • JCB vs American Express
  • JCB vs PayPal
  • JCB vs Apple Pay
  • JCB vs Visa


What is a JCB card in Canada?

JCB (Japanese Credit Bureau) card is a credit card from Japan now accepted in 190 countries.

How can I use my JCB debit card?

When paying for your purchase, a user must tell the merchant, JCB card one-time payment, enter the debit PIN or sign for the purchase.

Is JCB a Visa or MasterCard?

Neither. However, the company has agreements with Discover and American Express. They allow JCB card holders to use their cards where those payment options are available.

Does Amazon accept JCB?

Yes. Amazon Pay accepts credit cards issued by JCB.

How to buy Bitcoin with JCB card?

To buy Bitcoin, you must register at a reputable cryptocurrency exchange platform and choose the JCB card as a payment method.