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CNet Technology is the network company is specialized in providing high quality and high-speed local networks for other businesses. The website of the company includes a description of its products, the history of the company, and the key responsibilities.

Besides, the official website serves for enabling payment of the supplied products and services. Users can verify the prices policy as well as the list of frequent customers and their feedback regarding the company. 

In case of having some technical issues, technical support available on the website promptly set off to help. The F.A.Q section contains the most commonly asked questions.

The official webpage of the product company is currently closed, however, the manufacturer continues to work as

History of CNet Technology

CNet Technology was founded in 1987 in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan and was located in San Jose, California, USA. The company is engaged in the development and sale of broadband and local network products based on Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet technologies.

Product introduction from CNet Technology PDF

Product introduction


The company offers a product line which includes the following network products:

  • rapid Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet cards;
  • rapid Ethernet switches, Gigabit Ethernet, SNMP level 2 Gigabit Ethernet;
  • wireless LAN products;
  • broadband SOHO and SMB routers.

What is more, the company has networking peripherals for sale.

During two years this American company managed to introduce its products to an international market, due to the fast and efficient solutions to offer for small and medium-sized businesses.

CNet Technology assists customers in solving such urgent problems as:

  • high performance;
  • security of transmitted information;
  • reliability;
  • large scope-orientation.

The network company ensures quality service for any computing environment.

The objective of the company 

The mission of CNet Technology was already defined since the establishment. The company is focused on providing the global community with high-quality network and communications, reliable and secure products at affordable prices for the customers.

To deliver excellent customer experience company exercises technical support.


Over the last 20 years, CNet Technology has massively expanded by launching tree large manufacturing enterprises in Taiwan and mainland China, besides having the primary one in California.

The factories are equipped with modern technological machinery, which is updated constantly according to the lastly released ones. Besides, the production process is meeting all the necessary safety standards of ISO 9001, Compaq Computer Corporation.

Products are produced according to surface mount technology (Surface Mount Device, SMD). Manufacturing is based upon the zero-defect strategy, which does not accept any errors in calculations of the projects, during the trial, or the main stage of technology launching. 

Sales and Marketing

Presently, the headquarters of the international company CNet Technology function in the USA, Taiwan, and Mexico. The company settled both sale offices in Tampa (Florida, USA), and San Jose (California, USA).

Moreover, the products of the company are available on sale in the local distributor shops around the world, due to the successful cooperation with other enterprises. The most famous retailers in the USA are Tech Data, SED, Eastern Data, MaLabs, and Amax.

On the territory of Latin America and Mexico, the distributors are Intcomex, Centel, CT, Bell Micro, SED-LA, Teknomega, TD-Uraguay, and SAZ.

These listed above companies order goods from CNet Technology in bulk. Besides, the company also cooperates with large retailers such as, and

Company`s customers

The network company has gained thousands of customers worldwide in 23 years on the market. CNet Technology provides services for individual clients and simultaneously for small and medium enterprises, corporate employees, and original equipment manufacturers.

Around 3.8 million items of CNet Technology are sold through official distributors worldwide. Customers usually order services both ways, in retail and wholesale.

Generally, large enterprises engaged in activities connected with energy distribution, finances, technology, and consumption are the frequent customers of CNet Technology.

Surprisingly, the company's products have been employed by the government for network and communication purposes.

The number of clients of CNet Technology is constantly growing, due to the company`s striving to boost productivity and economic growth.

Services the company is providing

Besides being engaged in such activities as the development of technologies and sales, the corporation specialized in other services as well. Customers of the CNet Technology can receive technical support and customer service support free of charge.

What is more, following services are also available by the company:

  1. integrated planning of the network;
  2. network installation;
  3. equipment maintenance.

You can access all the necessary information regarding products, services, and the company´s policy on the official website of the company

Also, software updates and brand drivers can be downloaded there for free along with the detailed instruction on how to install them.

The manufacturer ensures the quality of the released products, which are being tested by the multi-stage verification.


The old official website of the company used to contain a section called “Products”, in which the technological goods were offered for sale.

Products of CNet Technology

Products section on official website


This section was divided into several categories.

  1. Outdoor. The category includes wireless routers for the outdoor use, which are capable of catching the signal up to 5 km. Also, network range extenders.
  2. Mobile. This category contains portable routers and modems.
  3. Wi-Fi adapters. Includes tablets on the Android operating system. Devices running on a single-core, dual-core, and quad-core processor.
  4. Wi-Fi routers. Contains products with power above 300 mW, with a rapid network security setup.
  5. Wi-Fi repeaters. The category includes high-speed broadband connection due to shared hotspots, modems, DSL.
  6. ADSL. Contains goods with the technology that converts regular telephone lines into high-speed connection lines.
  7. Modems. Includes fax modems, and software modems.
  8. Switches. This category contains the PoE, Web Smart, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet network switches.
  9. Media converters. Include the products, which technology enables the transformation of the signal distribution environment.
  10. NIC. Contains cards (computer hardware) that can connect a computer to a network and transmit information.
  11. IP cameras. The current category provides a range of wireless cameras.
  12. Accessories. This division has wireless signal amplifiers, car chargers, and other accessories.

A brief description and technical characteristics are provided for every company´s product. 

Network solutions

Current projects based on the planning of network transmission inside and outside the building can be verified in the mentioned section.

Outdoor solutions

An external network, that is capable of transmitting the signal within a large area is a perfect choice for outdoor usage.

Broadband routers maintain the network signal for a large area even within a range of up to 5 km.

Wireless home network

CNet Technology advances high-speed connections inside the house, based on wireless technologies (Wi-Fi. WiMax). 

Thanks to this modern technology, every room and even the yard area will receive a good internet connection. 

Support service

Another section of the website was dedicated to technical support, which facilitates communication with clients and potential buyers.

Customers could easily contact the website support in case of having any questions, or willing to report a technical problem.

To reach the support team the customer had to fill in the special form online, providing the contact details and the subject of the message.

What is more, a handy F.A.Q. section highlights the most frequent questions and answers to them. For instance, the visitors to the website could find out the answers to the listed above questions.

What is a Wireless LAN?

This is a kind of network that permits promptly connect a device to the Internet, without synchronizing it with a computer or without using any cables and wires.

How do I set up WNOR5300 as a universal repeater?

Detailed instructions on how to connect WNOR5300 as a universal repeater can be found on the official website in the "Connections" section.

What is ESSID?

ESSID - Extended Service Set Identifier, or in other words the name of the network you are willing to connect to.

What is Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)?

This is a modern security technology that can be applied for a wireless network. It is required to update the software of the WPA operating system to connect to WPA.


In regards to the successful reputation and performance on the international technological market, the company has acquired a large number of partners, who are responsible for the product distribution and solution providing.


CNet Technology cooperates with firms that operate in North America such as SED International World Wide, AMAX, Eastern Data, Inc, MA LABS Inc.

Besides, the distributors of the CNet Technology available in Latin America are Intcomex, F1 Computacion CA, Sol CONTROL, CT International.

The official representative of the company´s products in Europe is SSM corporation, and in Oceania, it is Business Solutions Ltd.

A full list of the company´s distributors is presented on the website of the CNet Technology.

Where to buy CNet Technology products

Where to buy section on taiwanese company's website


Solution providers

The official solution provider of CNet Technology is Sistemas y Consultas en Informatica (SCI) Direccion, located in Spain.

Where can the products be purchased?

Previously, the customers could purchase the technological products of the company online on the official website, however, nowadays the goods are available for sale in well-known online stores such as:

Contact details

To reach the company please contact via email -

Now CNet Technology office is located in Taiwan only and can be found at:

7F. -1, No. 738, Zhongzheng Rd., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City 235, Taiwan (R. O. C.) or reached by phone:  +886 2 8228-0437 

The old head office of the CNet Technology was located at 765 E. Brokaw Road, San Jose, CA 95112, USA.