Taron-Avia is an Armenian airline. Year of foundation - 2007. Terminated its operation in November 2019. The official reason is the expiration of the certificate, which was issued by the Civil Aviation Committee of Armenia. 

Taron-Avia logo

Declared specialization - transportation of passengers and cargo of different volume to CIS countries. It was planned to enter the countries of the Eurasian Union. However, there were successfully established directions only from Armenia to major cities of Russia.

The flights were carried out on Boeing 737-500 type aircraft. Originally the air fleet consisted of 3 Boeing, 2 IL-76 and 1 AN-12. International flights were carried out on boeings, domestic flights - on IL, AN.

The code of Taron-Avia by IATA is H7, by ICAO is TRV, the used callsign is TARONAVIA. TaronAvia junction airports: Shirak, Vnukovo, Domodedovo.

Founder of TaronAvia

Garnik Papikyan, a former military pilot who joined the civil aviation after the collapse of the USSR, conceived to found an alternative airline company. For more than 20 years he flew by TU-134, TU-154 aircraft. Until 2000, he was flight director of the airline "Chernomor", where he gained experience in managing the company on flights.

Interier of Taron Avia aircraft

Interier of Taron Avia aircraft

As a result, Taron-Avia's head office was opened in Yerevan, Zvartnots airport. Almost immediately the official website of the company was created, translated into Russian and other languages for convenience.


The second airline of Armenia - Taron-Avia offered air travel at reduced prices in comparison with other companies. The average price tag at the rates was 10 thousand drams (about 1500 rubles).

Since 2007, the main directions were Moscow and Krasnodar from Yerevan. Since April 2017 regular flights from Gyumri to Krasnodar and Moscow have been launched. Charter flights were also provided to the same destinations.

Taron Avia aircraft

Taron Avia aircraft

On April 6, the first permanent flight from Gyumri to Samara and back was launched. Flights to Rostov-on-Don were also planned. The planes flew once a week.

Closing of the company

Taron Avia was conceived as an airline providing transportation services at favorable prices. An additional task is to advertise the little-known city of Gyumri.

However, in 2018 it was necessary to raise the prices for fares. The reason is the overestimated cost of services of the Russian airports for parking and minimum maintenance. A complaint was filed with the antimonopoly authority to protect the economic competition of Armenia, particularly Taron-Avia. The complaint was not considered in favor of the airline, and as a result the manager decided not to renew the Civil Aviation certificate.