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Sovsport’s readers are the first to learn the latest football news. For example, negotiations regarding the start of the Russian Championship are currently underway. Subscribers can follow the changes in the Russian Premier League (Russian Football Championship): Today, the resumption of the season was announced for June 21, 2020.


Subscribers learn how the KHL and NHL clubs are performing and find out which of the successful hockey players will perform in the coming year. A list of the best and worst players is given, and the veil of secrecy on the salaries of the most famous hockey players is opened. Sovsport also provides information about the personal lives of hockey players; for example, which hockey player married the daughter of a wealthy and influential businessman?


In this section, readers can find news about Boxing and MMA. Subscribers can follow the outcomes of mixed and other martial arts tournaments, study the comments of fighters and their representatives, and stay up to date on the sometimes turbulent lives of the champions.


Subscribers can read articles about defeats and victories of the Russian national teams and check on the latest preparations before important tournaments. Here you can also study materials related to upcoming volleyball events.


The tab contains information about the outcomes of all sporting events. Readers can scroll through the pages and find out whether their favorite figure skater won or whether the Russian national team reached the semifinals. It also contains materials about the results of disputes, scandals, and other events between athletes and their representatives.


The section is devoted to broadcasts of major events in the field of sports: interviews with champions, famous coaches, former hockey players, and figure skaters. The recordings are made directly from the Sovetsky Sports publishing house. Athletes discuss past matches, the situation in the country and in the world, and talk about their personal lives.

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The mobile version of the sports portal has been available since 2008. Smartphone owners will not miss any of the latest news from the world of sports. The site is adapted to the screen resolutions of mobile devices, so there will be no problems with freezing or long loading times. The smartphone version is identical in functionality to the main website.