OES, Oboronenergosbyt (, is the only organization that supplies electricity to the Russian Ministry of Defense and its subordinate agencies. Located in Moscow, founded in 2010.


The open joint-stock company was established by order of the Russian government. Within six months, 12 branches of Oboronenergosbyt were formed in large regions of the country (Central, Northern, North-West, Urals and others), and 64 subdivisions of the organization operate in different cities of the Russian Federation.

In March 2010, the first state contract for electricity supply was signed with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

In June 2010, Oboronenergosbyt became a member of a non-profit partnership for wholesale and retail energy trading.

In September, Oboronenergosbyt entered the wholesale market, and in May, the organization was granted the status of Guarantee Supplier of Electricity. Since January 2011, Oboronenergosbyt has been providing energy supply services to consumers of the Russian Ministry of Defense located in the CIS countries: Tajikistan, South Ossetia, and Azerbaijan.


Oboronenergosbyt has successfully established the process of electricity transmission to the Russian Ministry of Defense and its subdivisions. As of 2013, the company served 3,471 legal entities and delivered 24.57 billion rubles worth of electricity. In addition to selling electricity, the organization performs:

  • Repair and adjustment of optical equipment;
  • Commercial and management consultancy;
  • Other support services related to energy provision.

The Company is an intermediary between suppliers and consumers of power. In addition to the Federal State Budgetary Institution of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, clients include the Federal Security Service of Russia, the Naval and Space Academies, the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in Samara, Rostov, and other regions.

There are 98 electricity supply companies that actively cooperate with Oboronenergosbyt. Among them are: OOO Energodata, OOO Masstroi, and OOO Paros.

Oboronenergosbyt has concluded more than 2,400 government contracts. Oboronenergosbyt has five branches and two representative offices in Russia, and three subdivisions in foreign countries (Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Abkhazia).