Burger Bar “11/1”


Burger Bar 11/1 was a quick-service restaurant offering hot and cold appetizers, salads, and desserts in addition to the usual fast food. The focus of the establishment was high-quality American cuisine.


Alexander Panov and partners, owners of the well-known brands “Bif i Rif” and “Bizon,” bought the premises in Kitay-Gorod, next door to their steakhouses. The restaurant “Chi” was situated here previously. The restaurateurs inherited a gas grill from the former owner; otherwise, the design and concept behind the establishment were completely changed.

Polina Pushkina, CEO of the PR agency C&U Promo, who designed the Crazy Daisy bar and the Don Macaron Italian restaurant, was part of the project. Chef Frank Sarria and brand chef Konstantin Zhbakov were responsible for menu development.

Burger Bar 11/1 opened in Moscow on Lubyansky Proezd on June 25, 2012.


Thanks to the burger bar’s favorable proximity to “Bizon” and “Bif i Rif,” diners sampled Australian and American beef, turkey, and pork dishes.

Burger Bar 11/1 was famous for its specialty burgers, including: 

  • “Chinatown”: a turkey patty with basil and mango jam;
  • “Piglet”: a pork patty, sun-dried tomatoes, tarragon, and jalapenos;
  • “Parisienne”: with foie gras;
  • “Malibu”: seafood with Indian spices.

There were also quite ordinary burger recipes, including “Lamb” with a lamb patty and “4 Cheese” with parmesan, cheddar, mozzarella, and gruyere.

The menu also featured other specialties

  • Sandwiches;
  • Green pea hummus;
  • Tomato jam;
  • Traditional Fish & Chips, BBQ wings.

In addition, there were non-alcoholic and hot drinks, a children’s menu, and a Lenten selection (vegetable straws and hummus).

The establishment quickly gained regular customers who liked the original recipes and quality cuisine.

Interior design

The designer Polina Pushkina adhered to current New York trends: unfinished brickwork, slate walls, wide and high windows, faceted mirrors, simple light bulbs without lampshades, and chandeliers and plafonds. There was a non-smoking lounge and a summer terrace.


Opinions about the burger bar are predominantly positive. There are many enthusiastic statements about the signature recipes of the burgers, main courses, and hot and cold appetizers.

There are visitors who, on the contrary, did not like the original approach. They expected traditional recipes.

Without exception, everyone mentioned the quality of beef, pork and other meats. Other advantages mentioned included:

  • Fast service;
  • Large portions;
  • Cozy atmosphere;
  • Affordable prices (burgers from 250 rubles, salad + main course + drink = 350 rubles).

There were a lot of reviews online urging people to try the food as soon as possible, as the burger shop was scheduled to close in May 2015, as per the owners’ decision.

Address: Lubyansky proyezd, 15/2

Phone: +7 (495) 231-92-90

Opening hours: 12:00 to 00:00.


Chef: Frank Sarria

Concept by Polina Pushkina