The Artist Club


The Artist was a popular Moscow nightclub that occupied three floors of a building on Rochdelskaya Street 15st44. The establishment quickly became famous and gained regular patrons among connoisseurs of night entertainment.

Creation History

Opera and Famous, two well-known entertainment centers in the city, closed down, leaving their premises to a new karaoke bar and club restaurant called The Artist. The establishment opened on June 19, 2014; however, according to other data, it had already been operating since February 2012. The club was developed by its four co-owners:

  • Mikhail Vegerov;
  • Alexander Karpekin;
  • Sasha Vorobey;
  • Alexander Kuznetsov.

Andrei Pankratov became the art director. The basic concept was a premium entertainment establishment featuring a diverse selection of shows. Lasers, performances by acrobats and actors, and video mapping (3D projection) delighted guests on a daily basis.


The Artist offered European and Japanese cuisine. The choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks was wide. Visitors stated that the average cost of a visit was anything from 2,000 roubles per person. The facility could hold banquets for 250 people and buffets for 1,200 people.

Interior Design

The Artist was a two-story entertainment club with five bars, a restaurant, and lounge space. A go-go stand was installed on the dance floor in the main hall. The dance floor was framed by plasma displays covering a total area of 200 m2. Visitors danced and enjoyed not only the music but also the intricate transformations of 3D figures.

The second level was a more intimate cafe with a good view of the dance floor.

The main highlight was the theater stage, where famous artists performed, including the band Leningrad, Vera Brezhneva, Ivan Dorn, and Noggano. Foreign singers also performed there regularly, including Sam Obernik, Bob Sinclar, and Amsterdance.


The establishment is best remembered for the stunning productions by art director Pankratov himself and performances by celebrities. The unobtrusive design and the thoughtful connection of the three distinctly themed halls made The Artist one of the most popular establishments in the capital. Regulars noted the following:

  • quality service;
  • extended menu;
  • dress code;
  • free parking;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • separate non-smoking room.

Many visitors were upset when they heard about the closure of The Artist nightclub. They are waiting for new projects from the creators of this establishment.

Address: Rochdelskaya St., 15st44, Moscow