Zimpler Payments in Canada

Zimpler Payments in Canada

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Zimpler is a Swedish mobile payment service. Its main goal is to make mobile payments easy and fast. nowadays, it's a reliable and convenient payment method.

How do Zimpler payments work in Canada?

Users who prefer to pay for online gambling via Zimpler can use their mobile number. In brief, a user must enter the phone number in the dedicated box and receive a text with a validation code. After verifying the account, a user will be prompted to select the preferred payment method. Once it's done, a user can make e-money payments.

How to Register

Creating an account is simple and straightforward. All a user must do is to download the app for Android or the app for iPhones. In the app, one must add a phone number and the account is ready to go. It's fast, easy, and convenient because all transactions are reflected on the phone's app.

Zimpler contact form

Zimpler contact form


Creating an account

Use Google Store or App Store, depending on your device, to download the app.

Personal information required

One only needs to have a phone number and link it to the account to start using this payment option. No other personal data.

Zimpler Payments solution

Zimpler allows customers to make easy pay-ins and pay-outs. The mobile wallet gives its owners full control over the funds and the budget limits. One can complete payments using a credit/debit card or a dedicated Zimpler account. However, prepaid cards don't qualify.

Debit card

Customers may add a debit card to the account by filling in all the requisite numbers.

Credit card

As a customer, one may attach the credit card to the application and spend money online. Consequently, it's possible to access banking services without filling out the card data.

Zimpler account

Once a user creates a Zimpler account, they can link it directly to make fast deposits/withdrawals. The account acts as an in-between option between the gambler's bank and his casino account.

Bank account

If you prefer using your bank account, the app provides this possibility, too. It'll be about to use a mobile wallet.

How to deposit and withdraw money

Once you add a phone number, you'll get to choose from two main options: pay by bill or credit card. When using the PIN from the text, you'll confirm every transaction and receive a receipt. Some online casinos deliver bonuses for users who deposit with this e-wallet.

Whether you are a new user or an experienced one, making deposits is an easy chain of actions. Firstly, you must get to the deposit method page on the casino's site. Select Zimpler and add the amount you wish to add. Receive a notification on your app and verify the action. Finally, pay the fees and remember that they differ based on the sum. The pending deposit will get to your casino account in an instant.

The company uses convenient tools and an encrypted gateway that prevent refund and chargeback. Both your virtual money and identity are safe with every transaction.

Withdrawing money differs a bit. Users can cash out fast but few websites offer Zimpler as a withdrawal method, regardless of the denominations.

Depositing money

To deposit money, a user must create an account, choose Zimpler as a payment method, and confirm the payment. The company allows players to make deposits to any Zimpler Casino conveniently at all times. If you face any issues, you may use the customer services. The support team is available between 8 am - 5 pm Monday to Friday via email or phone.

Withdrawing and limits

Minimum withdrawal

$10 (or equivalent)

Withdrawal timeframe

5 minutes

Deposit limit

Depend on the site/bank

Withdrawal limit

Depend on the site/bank

System charges and fees

The fees depend on whether the user pays with a credit card or bill.

Credit card

No fees


1.50 - 4.90 per transaction


Doesn't offer the service

Several Payments to the same company within a 24 h period will be combined to calculate the fee.

Zimpler Mobile Wallet - How to use the App

Many people wonder if Zimpler is a legit payment method. So, let's take a closer look at the company's app. Any user can transfer money fast and conveniently. It's a secure and safe option because of the latest security algorithms and protection tools. There's no need to worry about the secure ID because the identification process eliminates fraud, scam, and possibly dangerous situations.

Security solutions from Zimpler

Security solutions from Zimpler


To start using the app, one must complete the registration process. While users may attach a MasterCard or pay by bill, both card limits and deposit limits must be accounted for. The app won't go beyond the international bank limits. All the transactions are intuitive and straightforward.

Zimpler Benefits for Canadian users

It's very easy and quick to set up. Another great benefit is the lack of transaction fees for gamblers as long as they remain within the deposit and withdrawal limits. The latter may vary, so remember to check before any transactions. Finally, Canadian users are sure to find it convenient that Zimpler sends an SMS with every transaction.

Zimpler also:

  • Focuses on offering swift and safe online mobile payments;
  • Does not require gamers to download any application;
  • Enables players to control their spending.

However, one should keep in mind that the system doesn't deal with cryptocurrency or vouchers.

Comparison with other payment methods

To give you a complete picture of this payment method, let's compare it with other popular solutions like Skrill, QIWI, Neteller, Paysafecard, and EcoPayz.

Where can I use Zimpler in Canada

  • Online Payments

Users can use this virtual card to complete any online payments as long as the website accepts this payment method;

  • International transactions

Zimpler allows certain international transactions, charging the exchange rate and additional commission.

  • Online Gambling and Casino

Certain online casinos and bookmakers accept Zimpler as a no-fee deposit option.

  • Shopping - top merchants accepting Zimpler

Visit the official website to discover a complete merchant list.


Where can I pay with Zimpler?

You can pay on any website as long as it has Zimpler on the merchant’s list of payment methods.

How to use a mobile Zimpler Wallet?

To use the wallet, a user must choose a bank, prove the identity, and select the amount. The confirmation notification will immediately appear.

How to get Zimpler debit card?

This payment system doesn’t offer debit cards. Users can link one from any bank though.

How to use Zimpler?

To start using this payment method, one must download the app and link a phone number to the account.

How to withdraw the money from Zimpler to a bank account?

To receive a payout, a user doesn’t need to do anything but click on the back-end button. The withdrawals take less than a minute.