Arena Lviv

by  Noah van Dijk


Arena Lviv is a stadium in Lviv, built especially for UEFA Euro 2012. The official website is On the site, visitors can learn about the history of the stadium and upcoming events.


The stadium project was initiated back in 2007, right after Ukraine won the bid to host the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship. A little over 2.2 million hryvnias were spent on the construction of the arena.

Football field

A 4-storey stadium with a capacity of 34,915 seats in two-tier spectator stands was built. 104 of these seats are provided for people with disabilities and their escorts. The design of the stadium ensures that spectators benefit from an advanced sound system. Fans can watch replays of the best moments on two LED scoreboards. On the lower floors of the structure, there are shopping halls and cafes.

Stadium Opening

The opening ceremony of Arena Lviv took place on October 29, 2011. The spectacular show was a success, including lasers, theatrical performances, local artists, and fireworks.

On November 15, 2011, the first football match between Austria and Ukraine took place. The Ukrainian national team won with a score of 2:1. During the European Championship in 2012, the stadium hosted 3 Group B matches. After that, FC Karpaty, FC Hoverla and FC Shakhtar played at the arena. However, due to the high rent costs of the stadium, the facility is not very popular with athletes.

Notable Events

Despite the fact that domestic teams do not favor Arena Lviv, the stadium does not stand empty. In 2017, there were Europa League matches between Alexandria and Saint-Etienne and Alexandria and Wolfsburg. Concerts and various other events are held there regularly:

  • Major concerts from bands including "Bez Obmezhen" and "The Rasmus";
  • Ukrainian Business Marathon;
  • TEDxLviv: Zeitgeist, international conferences, professional experience exchanges;
  • The "Invest in the Lviv Region" International Economic Forum.


Lviv Arena offers various entertainment services. These include:

  • Hosting graduation parties, sacrament of marriage, and weddings;
  • Corporate events;
  • Commercial photography and videography.

In cooperation with partner companies, the stadium offers driver training and the CarbaZar car exhibition. A breathtaking bungee jumping experience from the top tier of the stands is always available. In addition, there is an indoor go-karting area at Arena Lviv.

Capacity: 34,915

Address: Lviv, Stryiska St, 199


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